donderdag 16 augustus 2007


To cut into small pieces. Find chop in your space.

This is a part of our "chopmachine". I don't use it a lot.

An opening in the wall, filled with glass. Show us a window in your space today.

One of 6 windows at the front of our house.

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Olivia zei

I love both the photos!
Thanks for your comment.

Diana zei

Really like your window shot and the angle for chop is so good..

Sue Nicholson zei
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Sue Nicholson zei

We have a "chopper" too but like you don't use it much . . . in fact not at all :)

Love the blind in your window.

Great shots


Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Both great pics but I love your window!


MaaikeV zei

mooie "hoek" bij chop

Gemma* zei

nice chopper! but so much easier to just use a knife . . . i don't use mine either!

Terrie zei

Loving chopped!

SuzyB zei

Great idea for chop, love the angle x

Vanda zei

Love both photos Jolanda. Wish my windows were as clean as yours :O)

etteY zei

I'm always the last to comment but hey cool pics! nice chopper, we don't have that one here :( it would be nice to have one tho! :D

Rachael zei

Love your window and your chop. Great angle.