dinsdag 21 augustus 2007


A person you know particularly well. Show us 'friend' in your space today.

This picture shows my youngest (in the middle) with his two closest friends.
They've been friends since first grade and finally, after 4 years, they are in the same soccerteam. One of the boys lives in the street across, so almost every day they play together. The other boy lives a few miles away, but they see each other at school and at soccer and besides that they play after school every now and then. Now they are in the 8th grade (so next year they're going to secondary school). I hope they still be friends then, even if they go to separate schools......

17 opmerkingen:

Kate zei

lovely pic. your son looks really happy!

etteY zei

awwww they're sooooooo cute :D

good morning to ya! ;)

SuzyB zei

They look like the best of friends, its a great shot x

Rachael zei

They look like really good buddies.

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Thats a beautiful pic.

Hazel zei

What a lovely happy picture!

Debbie zei

so cute - they look like good friends :)

Ruth zei

what a great photo. I hope they remain friends forever too.

Karen zei

What a great photo! They are all so cute!

Sue Nicholson zei

Firstly thanks for your kind comments :)

Great friends photo. They all look lovely boys BUT I bet their kit doesn't stay that white for long!!

Joshua is 14 and has known his two closest friends for ten years. Wonderful friendships.


MaaikeV zei

leuke foto van zulke dikke vrienden!

Caz zei

your wet photos are just great! Love the round water droplets. Cool friends pic too :)

Sarah zei

a wonderful photo :)

Looby zei

lovely pic!

Anna zei

That's lovely.

Joy zei

What a happy photo!!! Great shot! Looks like you captured their special bond so well!

pokettiger zei

Great photo! The colors are all so brilliant.