zondag 19 augustus 2007


A container for food or liquid. Show us 'can' in your space today.

Edit: it is a rainmeter or raingauge, pluviometer, as the dictionary says.
You can see how many rain has fallen in a certain period of time. You can read in the meter there was 22 mm of rain fallen. That is per m2, in this case over 3 days. With this method you can register how much rain is fallen in a month, year, during summer etc. My grandpa used to write down the number every day, so at the end of the year he knew how much rain felt. My FIL is a little farmer and is very interested in the whether. Every time he calls us he asks how many rain we had.... Although he lives sky wide just a few kilometres from us, there a hugh differents in the mm that has felt. Some days it rains overhere and they have had no rain at all. So, overhere in the Netherlands, you can find rainmeters all over the place.

10 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

That is so unusual well done !

Vanda zei

Wow, how cool is that! What is it? Great photo xXx

MaaikeV zei

zou ik nooit op gekomen zijn
leuk idee!

Terrie zei

This is cool, no idea either what it is but i love the compostition of the photo and the leaves underneath look gorgeous. X

Caz zei

my granparents had a rain meter in their garden when I was growing up, haven't seen one in years! Love your heli pics from yesterday too.

Angela zei

Oh, thats different. Is it a rain measurer or something?

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Thank you for the explanation. I'd seen them before so had a rough idea but its lovely to know why you use one.

I think if we used one here this summer it would be full within a day, lol!We have had so much rain this summer.


Louise zei

I love this photo especially the water droplets on the leaves... very tropical looking:)

Rachael zei

What a cool idea. Great picture too.

Andrew zei

Smashing pic, very cool indeed!