zaterdag 18 augustus 2007


To move through the air. Find 'fly' in your space.

Lots of pictures of "fly" in my space. During summerbreak the kids love to fly kite so a lot of picture of that. And early July we went to the Vlootdagen in Vlissingen and made a lot of pictures from a heli that did rescues at sea. The fly on the hosta leave I took a few days ago, wondering through thew garden after a shower.
The heron flying through the sky was taken in Volendam, during our holiday.

17 opmerkingen:

ally zei

awesome photos, esp the one of the fly on the leaf

Diana zei

Such great shots. You are an inspiration. i too love the fly on the leaf.

Hazel zei

Wow!! What a lot of terrific photos.

Angela zei

Love them all! Great lot of flying!

Brigitta zei

wow, your pictures are really inspirational!!

Debbie zei

wow fantastic pictures - love the fly!

Olivia zei

I love all the fly photos!
Thanks for your comment yesterday.
Our bike locks are combination locks because we'd lose the key otherwise!

Angela zei

Wow, there is a lot of 'fly' in your space. All great photos.

MaaikeV zei

de vliegfoto op je hosta super!!!!

Sue Nicholson zei

Smashing shots and lots of inspiration.


Rachael zei

I love the kite and the insect fly as they are both so colourful and vibrant.

SuzyB zei

Brill shots, all of them!

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Wow!!! Brilliant shots, all of them. I couldn't choose between them for which I liked best!

Lin xx

Ruth zei

Loved looking at all the photos but the fly on the leaf is superb!

Jen zei

wow, loads of fly photos, i couldn't even find one!
your phtos are all great!

Vanda zei

They are fantastic Yolanda, you've spoilt us today :O) Love the kite, the colours are great against the sky xXx

pokettiger zei

What an incredible collection of photos! Great job!