zondag 5 augustus 2007


Something a little rounder than it could be. Find fat in your space.

This is one of our cats. She's a bit rounder dan normal......

14 opmerkingen:

mil lunares zei

ooh, this seems to be a comfortable place. Lovely shot

marie zei

she looks very happy sleeping there.

Ruth zei

aaawww...what a cute, snuggly kitty.

Anna zei

What a big cuddly cat! Looks about the same sort of size as ours!!!

Vanda zei

In my next life I want to be a fat cat :O) xXx

Eleanor zei

Oh I love her love her. She's just like the one I wanted to photograph today who wouldn't let me. Lovely big girlie.

Olivia zei

I love your cat! We've got a black and white cat too. She's called Maisy.

MaaikeV zei

wat een snoepie!!

SuzyB zei

LOL a big cuddly cat, brilliant :o)

Chris zei

Looks like she knows who's boss,,lol great photo :)

Sue Nicholson zei

What a smashing photo of your cat.

She looks very peaceful. Is she sleeping off her dinner? :)

Diana zei

I cant believe there re so many 'fat cats' LOL Great shot and a beautiful cat

Louise zei

oh bless, she might not be fat, she might just have 'thick fur'. she is cute:)

pokettiger zei

What a big love! Great photo.