dinsdag 14 augustus 2007

Catching up

I have to do a lot of catching up. Last days were very busy so the pictures for HSMS had to wait. But I'm done......

An Italian food made from dough. Find pasta in your space today.

Our favorite pasta.

To operate a vehicle. Show us drive in your space today.

Our car in which we drive

A long strand of fibres. Find one in your space today.

This "necklace" was given to me by the children of school after the summerfestival. Everyone who has helped that day got a necklace with a lollypop shell tied to it.

To fall to the ground. What moves down in your space?

The lid of a glaze bowl dropped to the ground and I threw away the pieces. After that I read the word "down" so I made a picture from the pieces in the bin.

Two of the same thing. Find double in your space today

My youngest's soccer stockings.

A little s omething to adorn the ear. Find one in your space today.

I used this picture before by "filigree".
The black earrings are made from jet, from a necklace. The best ones were picked out and used for the earrings.

12 opmerkingen:

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Lovely catch up photos. :-)

We love Fusilli here too.


etteY zei

nice catch up! I especially love the necklace with lollipop shell, looks yum! ;)

Debbie zei

great photos - love the shell!!

Nat zei

Fab catch up photos :) Good to see you back :) xx

Rachael zei

Wow great catch up! Those lollipop shells are so good we bought some back from France last week.

Diana zei

Great catch up Jolanda I love the pasta. Real cool shots

Gemma* zei

well done for catching up! my faves the socks . . .cos I just love socks!

Terrie zei

Now THAT's what i call a catch up! Well done. X

Olivia zei

They're all brilliant shots! I had to do some catching up too!

MaaikeV zei

great pics. love the double one

Vanda zei

Fab photos Jolanda. What a great catch up session :O) xXx

Sue Nicholson zei

Great photos. Well done for catching up :

Love the shell with the lollipop. Never seen anything like that before.