vrijdag 17 augustus 2007


A mechanism for keeping something closed that is operated by a key. Show us a lock in your space today.

This is the lock on my olderst son's bike. Now I see that it's time his washes his bike. Quit dusty, isn't it........

But hey, he has summerbreak so doesn't use his bike a lot. Next week he's going back to school and then the dust blows off in the wind or rain............

9 opmerkingen:

Hazel zei

Nice one!

mil lunares zei

This is a great shot! I like the shape!

Caz zei

Cool photo! :)

Rachael zei

Great picture I love the bike locks you have over there.

Diana zei

Great angle. Locks are EVERYWHERE!!!

Vanda zei

Great photo :O)

Angela zei

Good shot!

Angela zei

Tiny little lock there, nice photo :-)

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MaaikeV zei

mooi slot shot
heeft ie alweer een beetje zin in school?