vrijdag 31 augustus 2007


To bite and grind with the teeth. Find 'chew' in your space today.

I'm all alone right now so I cheat a bit. These picture were taken a few weeks ago.

13 opmerkingen:

Rachael zei

I love the melon picture, bet he had a sticky nose afterwards. :)

Diana zei

Me too I really lke the melon photo and the wonderful light on his head and hair.
Love Di

WendyB zei

Again, another vote for the melon, excellent shot.

Hazel zei

Great photos - the melon looks delicious.

Chris zei

Great photo's ... making me hungry though... I have NO willpower at all lol :)

Caz zei

Love the melon picture looks like he is enjoying it.

Sam Morris zei

Oooooh juicy! Great photos!

Karen zei

Great photos!

Pam zei

looks like they are enjoying their food. like the melon photo and how he's got his whole mouth around it.

Joy zei

Love the melon pic too! Looks like he enjoyed it a lot! :D

Terrie zei

Great photos, well done. X

Angela zei


SuzyB zei

Great shots, looks like he is really enjoying that melon!