maandag 27 augustus 2007


An object that gives light and warmth. Find 'sun' in your space today.

A lovely word today. The sun is shining here, so very appropriate.

This picture is a kind of a cheat. I made the picture myself, but a few weeks ago on holiday.

This picture is made saterday, the sunflowers I bought that day. They look so sunny! I love sunflowers.

18 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

And what a great cheat! and I love your sunflowers especially the way you have placed them.

SuzyB zei

I love the sunflowers, gorgeous!

Hazel zei

I absolutely love the cheat - such a beautiful photo - also the sunflowers. Just caught up too with your SoS and self portrait - all super photos.

Terrie zei

Love the sunset photo, beautiful. X

WendyB zei

I love both Sun Flowers and Sunsets - great photos.

Anna zei

Wow to the first photo. Love them both.

mil lunares zei

aaaw... sunset with windmills..that feels like holiday... really nice shot

MaaikeV zei

great sunset!

Louise zei

Great sunset, you have taken come lovely photos.

anita zei

they are my fvourite flowers too! and so easily available here in holland!!!!
great pics!

Chris zei

oooh I did a sunset too but not as pretty as yours. Love how you have displayed your sunflowers too :)

Karen zei

Beautiful photos--both!

Joy zei

It's an awesome cheat!!! Beautiful photos!

Suzie zei

Gorgeous! Both of them!

Charli zei

Brilliant Jolanda, I wish my cheats turned out like that!

Eleanor zei

A windmill! I love it. And that's such an unusual way to arrange your flowers, amazing.

Rachael zei

I love the silohette of the windmill in the sunset. :)

Angela zei

I especially love your first picture. It's gorgeous!