zondag 2 november 2008

Long update

In a state of disrepair or malfunction. Find broken in your space today.

SOS with a twist!
An SOS with a difference, today I'd like you to share show off shots of your collections! Everyone collects something whether its ornaments of a certain type, or novelty teapots, show me your collections today!

A thoroughfare or walkway. Find 'Passage' in your space.

A complex construction or entity. Find 'Structure' in your space.

A place of work and sometimes play. Find 'Office' in your space.

A medium of illumination that makes sight possible. Find 'Light' in your space.

A substance that is shiny and smooth or printed on high quality paper. Find something 'glossy' in your space today.

A round, firm, fleshy edible fruit - find Apple in your space today.

3 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

What a great catchup! Sad about those lovely beads.

Igotmebabe zei

Great catch up shots, love them all

Cheyne zei

Uh oh on the broken. :(

Wonderful catchup!