maandag 20 oktober 2008

Set, Baked, Hold and Stripes

A group of objects that match or go together in some way. Find a 'set' in your space today.

To cook with a dry heat without exposure to a flame. Show us 'baked' in your space today.

To have, or keep, or embrace an object or person. Find 'Hold' in your space:

Long narrow bands which differ in colour or texture, find Stripes in your space today.

6 opmerkingen:

Bobs zei

Wow - you've been busy! I love all your catch-up shots. Those tea and coffee cups are great!


Diana zei

Another great catch up! Like the 'set'!!!

Emma zei

Great photo. I love those mugs!

Emma XXX

Cheyne zei

Great catch up. Love the stripes - the angle is cool!

Igotmebabe zei

Great catch up shots, Great minds think alike for your set shot :)

Hazel zei

Fab little catch up.