maandag 1 oktober 2007


A circular object that revolves on an axle. Find a wheel in your space today.

2 pictures for today's word.
The first picture is taken on the Harbour Days in Vlissingen. It's the ferris wheel. My youngest and his friend wanted to go in it. I'm a little bit afraid of hights, so is my DH. One of us had to go, I was the lucky one. The view is stunning from up there. That makes it a little better.

This picture is taken in august during the Eneco Tour Nederland. One of the etappes went through our city so...... pictures!!!! Lots of wheels on the pavement!

10 opmerkingen:

etteY zei

nice shots! Love your SOS pic too!

Diana zei

Great shots as usual Jolanda. So glad I can visit your blog again!

Hazel zei

Superb pictures. You're brave to go on the ferris wheel.

sharon zei


Linda zei

Both fabulous shots! I would be petrified to go on one of those big wheel rides!


Maaike zei


Louise zei

love the white spokes against the blue sky... a stunning shot:)

mil lunares zei

Brilliant! Just brilliant! I like them both!

Karen zei

These are both fabulous shots!

Chris zei

ooooh such cool shots Jolanda... really stunning :)