woensdag 10 oktober 2007


A series of flat surfaces to enable movement from one level to another. Find 'steps' in your space today.

I had to search for a while, because the staircase is so predictable. I found these steps along the path towards the sports ground and I thought this will do.

10 opmerkingen:

etteY zei

Of course it will do! Love your shot! :D

I love that clock link on your sidebar... it lets people know the time difference from your space and theirs/ours :D You see... I'm about to have dinner in an hour and you're probably preparing for lunch hehehehe!

have a great day!

Bobs zei

Perfect shot for steps, Jolanda!

Lovely looking place.

Hazel zei

It will more than do - great shot!

Diana zei

Great steps jolanda!

sharon zei

I love these steps, they just look a bit mysterious to me..x

Maaike zei

mooi shot

Terrie Farrell zei

lovely shot. X

Sue Nicholson zei

I agree with Sharon they look as if they lead from nowhere and go to nowhere!!

Gosh I can't believe I am leaving that comment :D

Great take on the prompt and well done you for going out and about with your camera :)


Charli zei

Love the steps Jolanda!

Chris zei

Nice shot Jolanda and fab crockery yesterday :D