dinsdag 30 oktober 2007


Do you have a fave spot or piece of furniture in your bedroom? Show us what you got!

This is the favourite thing in my bedroom. My little collection of perfumes.....

11 opmerkingen:

sharon zei

mmhhh..nice..I almost took my perfume.x

Rachael zei

Perfume bottles always look so pretty and yours are no exception. x

Bobs zei

Ooooh - I love perfumes and perfume bottles. I agree with Rachael - they are always so pretty!

amandamagpie zei

Very pretty collection. x

Lynsey zei

Nice colection and fireplace.

Diana zei

Mmmm Great collection of perfume!

Hazel zei


Bambi zei

nice how they're grouped at the end (^_^)

~*Gems*~ zei

Ooh lovely photo - great collection :o) xx

Louise zei

I love perfume bottles, just wish I could wear the stuff

Angela zei

They make such a pretty display, what a nice collection of perfumes.