woensdag 3 oktober 2007


A material made from a network of wire or threads. Show us 'mesh' in your space today.

This picture is taken last Sunday. A dragonfly landed on the bench of our cats. Although the picture was of the dragonfly, the mesh of the bench is suitable for today's word.

18 opmerkingen:

Bobs zei

Great shot, Jolanda! Love that dragonfly.

Ninnie zei

Great pic. I love dragonflies.

Mary zei

Super shot Jolanda!

sharon zei

It's not too often I see dragon flies in the NE of England..however, I did see one hovering in our garden theis year..beautiful creatures.x

etteY zei

great shot! love dragonflies. used to catch 'em with my friends when i was young, not too long ago LOL!

Linda zei

Lovely shot! How good to get that close to take the shot!

Diana zei

Great shot Jolanda what is underneath the mesh???

Rachael zei

Great shot Jolanda fortunate timing.

Hazel zei

Great shot of the dragonfly (and the mesh, of course!)

SuzyB zei

Ooh how cool is that!!! Amazing shot!

Sue Nicholson zei

Oh how clever are you :)

What a brilliant shot!


Charli zei

Wow Jolanda - that dragonfly is humongous - dont think Ive ever seen one before! Fab mesh pic for today!

Rach zei

Fab shot!

SmileyCarrie zei

Great shot! i love the dragonfly addition to your mesh! ;)

Aubrey Harns zei

That's great - what a special treat the dragonfly was!

Rachael zei

Hi Jolanda I have just tagged you the details are on my blog. x

Diana zei

I have just tagged you too

Joy zei

Great shot!