dinsdag 9 oktober 2007


A collection of ceramics, porcelein and china. Show us your crockery.

This is a part of my collection. I think the pattern is very "Dutchie"

13 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

Lovely crockery Jolanda and it looks so normal stacked in a pile. Think now mine is a bit "posed". He he. Oh well that's just my crockery.
I like the very simple design and gentle colours in yours.
Love Di

Hazel zei


Bobs zei

I like this pile of crockery! Such a pretty pattern too.

cass zei

such pretty crockery, really lovely, and the phot is great perfect for one of those home magazines

sharon zei

I also love the way it has been taken stacked.

SuzyB zei

What a lovely set!

Caz zei

Love the picture of it all piled up...in my house it would end up broken.

Terrie Farrell zei

Very pretty pattern. X

Aubrey Harns zei

Very pretty! Great shot too.

SmileyCarrie zei

Great picture... and such pretty crockery!

Charli zei

Fab crockery Jolanda, is it my eyes or does it look like the top item is about to fall off lol

Ruth zei

ohhh, pretty crockery. (just saying that word makes me giggle for some reason) Love your photo.

etteY zei

love your crock! i mean crockery LOL! very cute pattern!