donderdag 11 oktober 2007


A form of play or sport. find 'game' in your space today.

Lots of game(s) in this space....
Both my sons love to game on the PC, Playstation, GameCube or X-box.
Almost every day one of them is playing.
Luckely they do other games as well. They both like to play chess. In fact, both of them became
champion of the "state"' we live in, in schoolchess competition.
My youngest (in white shirt on picture below) played with his team the Dutch Championships.
They became 16th....... Outside the playing area there was this huge chessboard, so they had to play on it.
One of the teammembers bought this (below) chessboard. How cool is that. You can play the game with three instead of two players.

Besides these games mentioned, the youngest is playing soccer (4 times a week) and the oldest is playing ping-pong.....

Lots of gaming in this space!

11 opmerkingen:

etteY zei

Great shots! love those big chess! :D

Kerry zei

Great interests to have. Besides the Nintendo stuff mine will only play Monopoly and occasionally football.

Kate zei

cool, i love the three player chess board!!

Caz zei

Great pictures, love the three player chess board....not that I can play chess.

Bobs zei

OMG - chess for three players! That would be soooooo hard!!
Love your shots for today, Jolanda.

Rachael zei

That 3 player chess board is so cool. I have no idea how to play that game :(

sharon zei

love the big chess boards!! brilliant.x

Louise zei

great game pics... I love the big chess set:)

Hazel zei

Good variety of games in your space!

MC zei

great blog!

where did you get the chess board for 3 players?

SuzyB zei

I love the big chess! Ive never seen a three player chessboard, how cool is that!