woensdag 17 oktober 2007


Our Rainbow theme takes us on to Yellow - Bright, cheery, sunny. Show us yellow in your space.

Not much yellow in our space, I think. Luckely I found this........

and last summer, during the holiday-game I showed this picture for "Y"-ellow

Picture taken during the Tour de France.

9 opmerkingen:

Bambi zei

lol ... love that balloon! big yellow butt =P

Terrie Farrell zei

That second one is fabby! LOL

Diana zei

LOL I love the tour de france yellow!!! Woo hoo big yellow butt LOL

Shannon zei

The first is adorable! The second made me laugh...thanks.

Hazel zei

Great tour de france photo - and the other one is cute.

Louise zei

OMG I love the big yellow bum!!! what a fab photo, thanks for sharing:)

Charli zei

Fab photos Jolanda - wondered what the butt one was there for a minute, had to have a good luck til it dawned on me lol

etteY zei

aww cute little yellow! nice big bum! LOL!

Karen zei

Got a big laugh from the balloon!