woensdag 24 oktober 2007

Favourite spot

This next week will see us finding those little spots around our home that we just love. It might be a corner of a cabinet or it might be a little trinket in a certain room. Today I would like you all to find your favourite spot/piece in your lounge.

This is my favourtite spot. I sit here to drink coffee, to watch tv, to read, to puzzle, to help the kids with homework etc.

Right above the couch is a painting given to us by my grandmother. We got the painting as a weddinggift. The mill on the picture is the mill in the village I lived before I got married. My grandmother died 9 years ago but the painting is still a very special thing to me......

9 opmerkingen:

Marina zei

Love the colour of your sofa, i bet it is comfortable. :~) xx

Bambi zei

wonderful painting (^_^)

Bobs zei

It's a beautiful painting and so very special because you know the building. How wonderful.

pretty-pink-cards zei

The painting is lovely and special in many ways

caroline x

Diana zei

Love the colour of your sofa and that painting is very special!

Jenga zei

Looks so comfy and the painting must mean a lot to you :)

Hazel zei

What a comfy space! and love the painting too.

Charli zei

Oooh now that looks comfy!

etteY zei

beautiful painting! your sofa looks so comfy :D