zondag 21 oktober 2007

Show off Sunday

And it's show off sunday again.....

A real autumn-like picture, isn't it. It one of the first photo's made with my new camera.
I love it to make pictures that close to an object......

9 opmerkingen:

sharon zei

great shot, almost took a mushroom shot myself today.got them growing in the garden..lol..x

Hazel zei

Interesting shot - love it.

Gemma* zei

definitely an autumn pic, can't believe how fast it's going :)

Diana zei

Lovely shot Jolanda

Kate zei

beautiful shot - i love autumnal pictures.

Maaike zei


Bambi zei

very nice shrooms (^_^)

Louise zei

fab photo, I've been out looking for some muchrooms today (didn't find any though)

cass zei

it's lovely, so much detail