maandag 8 oktober 2007

Autumn, sos and sps

Have to do some catching up (again).

Saterday's portrait picture shows me (of course) with my new camera!!

The picture below is the first photo taken with that camera. I'm so happy with it. I can now make the close-up's I want. My old camera couldn't make picture that close.......

This is today's picture..... Autumn

The third season of the year. Show us 'Autumn' in your space today.

This is a tree in our garden. The sun is shining through. Great picture in my opinion!

15 opmerkingen:

etteY zei

nice camera! great focus! Love it! Yes great pictures!

have a great week ahead :D

Chris zei

All three photos are fabulous but I Adore that middle one of the flower :)

sharon zei

wow..your new camera is working wonders..those pics are super!

Diana zei

There will be no stopping you now with that camera. I cannot seem to take closeups boo hoo. The flower is STUNNING.

Bobs zei

Well done with the new camera!! I love the bottom one with the sun twinkling through the leaves.

Rachael zei

I share your opinion on your Autumn picture. I love the light on it.

cass zei

all your photos are beautiful love the Autumn one
and wow fantastic camera i'm jealous

Charli zei

Love the SPS pic Jolanda - showing off your new camera! The Macro shot is fantastic too - I have to buy a lens for mine to get similar effects, which is costly! Fab Autumn pic for today too!

SuzyB zei

All great pictures Id say!

Hazel zei

Wow, the close up with your new camera is stunning. Love the SP and autumn as well.

SmileyCarrie zei

Wow beautiful photos... the flower one is awesome! great job!

Aubrey Harns zei

Congrats on your new camera!!!
Your autumn picture is fantastic - can almost feel the crispness of the air.
Your SOS photo is stunning - love that close up!
Your SPS is great - plus we get a peak at the new camera!!!
Well done.

Maaike zei


Louise zei

wow... the sunflower shot is superb... your new camera is fabby, enjoy playing:)

Joy zei

Congrats on the new camera! Wonderful shots!