maandag 29 oktober 2007

Favourite window and bathroom-thing

Choose your favourite window in your house. Show the whole window, the curtains and window decoration.

One of my windows...... We have two of this.......
The close-up pictures show the vase with autumn-decorations and the balls with autumndecorations that are hanging from the ceiling.

This is a "favourite'' part of our bathroom. The bathroom isn't exactly a beautiful room, it's small and a bit '80's........ In the closet there is this little basket. We keep our washing-gloves in there, so they don't end up all over the bathroom.

10 opmerkingen:

Chris zei

Beautiful photos Jolanda...your windows are very pretty :)

sharon zei

lovely bright window shots with lots of interesting things in them.x

Rachael zei

You have beautiful decorations in your windows.x

Marina zei

what a beautiful piture of your window, the plants out side look lovely as well as the ones in the window. :~) xx

Diana zei

I love your window shots - what a great window to look out of. And all those special things. Such great shots Jolanda.
Love from Di

Lynsey zei

The close up picture is fab.

Bambi zei

love the greenery by your window

Bobs zei

I love your window! I love the stuff on the windowsill and I love the garden outside.

Hazel zei

Superb pictures - love the window

Eleanor zei

Love this - has a non uk feel for sure. Very stylish and that vase is beautiful. Love the 'washing gloves', great name, I do have some washmitts, but I think I shall rename them (mostly use plain square flannels though).