dinsdag 2 oktober 2007


A flat , shallow container for carrying food, drin k and small items. Find a 'tray' in your space.

This tray is standing on our dinnertable. Every now and then I change whats in it. Now there are candles and a jar with fall-items in the tray. In the summer there are shells in it, in winter Christmas things. It changes with the season.
When you look closely you can see the tray is acually 4 trays. 2 small ones, 1 bigger
and the 4th is the biggest. It holds the other ones.

12 opmerkingen:

Rachael zei

Your tray is so beautiful. I love it. x

etteY zei

yay!! how come I didn't think of this! LOL! love your tray Jol!

Kate zei

i loooove your tray!!! x

Bobs zei

Oooooh, I really love this! What a fab idea to change what's on the tray to match the seasons.

Hazel zei

That's a posh tray! love it.

Nina zei

Lovely idea. x

Ninnie zei

Love the pics and the trays.

Rach zei

Fab piccie - beautiful

Maaike zei

I love it!!

Aubrey Harns zei

Beautiful trays! Great shots too!

SmileyCarrie zei

Love your tray! The first picture is fantastic!

Charli zei

Fab tray Jolanda - love the colours!