maandag 15 oktober 2007


Show us something in Red in your space.

12 opmerkingen:

Hazel zei

An interesting red!

Rachael zei

Errrgghh that reminds me I have to clean today! Great shot though!

Kirsty Wiseman zei

the dreaded vacuum cleaner! aaaaaaaaaargh, im allergic to them ;)

Bobs zei

Nooooooooo - not a vacuum!! lol

Great shot, but an unwelcome subject!! :)

Kerry zei

Ooohhh now my floor could do with that.

Charli zei

Yes what do these vaccuum cleaners do Jolanda? Someone told me they pick up dust and dirt and debris? Lol fab shot!

Diana zei

Such a cute vacumm cleaner!!! Great angle.
Love Di

pretty-pink-cards zei

thats a not so good red.... but great photo!

caroline x

Chris zei

I'm loving looking at today's photos... Fab red in your space if you like housework :D

Maaike zei

wat een narigheid :-)

etteY zei

LOL! nice vacuum you got there! :D

Debbie zei

great red shot.....
vacuum cleaners and housework
just get in the way
of all the fun stuff
we can do in a day!!! :)