vrijdag 19 oktober 2007


Blue is next in our Rainbow theme - go find me some blue in your space today.
Lots of blue in our space today....

8 opmerkingen:

pretty-pink-cards zei

wow alot of blues there... fab photos...

caroline x

Bambi zei

love that playboy bunny!!!! looks so squishy. and my fave berry ... yummmm

Bobs zei

Ooooh - I've never seen a blue Playboy bunny before! He's fab. I love all your blues today!

Diana zei

WOW Loads of great blue today Jolanda!

Hazel zei

Fab selection of blues! Would love to cuddle that bunny!

Terrie Farrell zei

I really like the jeans photos, well done. X

Chris zei

oooh Gorgeous blue stuff in your space. Fab photos Jolanda!!

Maaike zei

mmm dat fruit ziet er zo lekker uit!