zondag 30 september 2007

Show off Sunday

This picture is taken in Amsterdam last July. We did a circular tour on a boat over the canals. Our guide told us a lot of things about Amsterdam. When you look closely you can see 6 bridges behind each other......

9 opmerkingen:

Mary zei

Fan shot of those bridges.

Bobs zei

Oh wow - that's a fabulous shot! I've never been there .... maybe one day though.

Maaike zei

PRACHTIG zei zij bevooroordeeld :-)

Hazel zei

Great shot - I've only been to Amsterdam for a day, but loved it.

Ninnie zei

Love that shot.

Charli zei

Lovely shot Jolanda - I'd love to get to Amsterdam too.

SuzyB zei

Such a great shot!

Karen zei

Love this photo. I was in Amsterdam 37 years ago but I loved it!

Angela zei

Oh, gorgeous! I'm jealous! I've never left the USA.