donderdag 6 september 2007

Talk and feast

I have to do yesterday's word as well. I made a lovely sandwich, especially to take a picture of it, ..... the photo was blurry!!!

So, in stead of that picture, a picture taken on our holiday. R. ordered a clubsandwich. Boy, what a feast that was......

A large meal or a plentiful supply, show us 'feast' in your space today.

Today's word is Talk
To converse or communicate. Show us 'talk' in your space today.

The picture, taken at the cheesemarket, shows a buyer and a seller. They are making a bid, trying to get an agreement.

15 opmerkingen:

Anne zei

What absolutely fantastic pics! I especially love the 'Talk' one!

Rachael zei

Brilliant pictures Jolanda that sandwich looks sooo good! x

etteY zei

wow club sandwich on stick! I bet they were delicious!! fab shot! love the talk pic as well.

Diana zei

Great feast and what a smasshing shot for talk.

Hazel zei

They are both great photos - especially 'talk'

Bobs zei

The talk one is great - and I adore club sandwiches!

Sue Nicholson zei

Yummy :) Great photo bet it tasted as good as it looks.

Love the talk pic too :)

Rebecca zei

Great photos.
That feast is making me hungry all over again.

Mary zei

Yummy.........that's what you call a sandwich! Great photos. M x

bonnette zei

Beautiful pics they really say it all!

Terry zei

I love your pictures, they are awesome.

Pam zei

I hope the blurry sandwich tasted wonderful! I especially love the talk one. Great shot.

pokettiger zei

Lots of catching up to do. Wonderful photos Jolanda. Love the cheese market photo and the one taen earlier of bringing the cheese to market in the boat. The spider photo is incredible too. Just love the bucket of berries for the hold prompt.

Sarah zei

Lovely pictures, I especially like the market one.

Terrie Farrell zei

Great photos, love the look of the sandwich but i love the character of 'talk'. Well done.