dinsdag 25 september 2007

Dog and Sponge

Man's best friend. Have you got a lil pooch in your space?

This little doggy is my youngest first item he got when he was born. Because I had a reflux after his birth we had to go to the hospital and in his crib there he was, this dog.

Ever since it was laying in my sons bed for quit some years. Now my son is 11 years old and then it's not cool to have a cuddly animal. So now, the doggy is still in his room but not in his bed any more.

A natural (often man made!) material to soak up liquids. Show us a sponge in your space.
It's not difficult to see what kind of sponge this is, isn't it. Not one of my favourite thing to do......

10 opmerkingen:

sharon zei

not one of my favourite sponges either..too much work involved with that one..hehehe..love the doggy snap, he's in excellent condition for being a few years old.x

etteY zei

nice catch up pics! i love sponges, i like playing with the soap suds thats coming out of the sponge when i squeeze it LOL! cute stuff doggie!

Hazel zei

Your sponge suggests work - but great photos - love the dog!

Terrie Farrell zei

Great sponge pic and cte doggie too!

Angela zei

I love the doggy pic and the story that goes with it.

Nice sponge photo too :-)

Sue Nicholson zei

Firstly thanks for your comments. I am feeling better today :)

Love your dog photo. Yes! Joshua 14 hides his cuddlies aswell . . . but there are still there :)

And that's the same type of sponge as mine. The dishwasher is good BUT not that good !

Thanks again


Bobs zei

I like your sponge - it's a nice happy colour! Love the doggie story too!

Charli zei

Cute doggie and fab sponge pic!

SuzyB zei

Aww cute dog, and definitely NOT one of my favourite sponges either!

Aubrey Harns zei

Great shots!