dinsdag 18 september 2007


To suspend, be suspended or dangle. Show us 'hang' in your space today.

These pictures are showing a few of my favourite pictures.

14 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

That is s nice Jolanda. And I love the colour of your wall!

etteY zei

Lovely pics and frames!

Linda zei

Brilliant idea! I didn't even think if pictures hanging on the wall!

Bobs zei

Beautiful pictures! I love how you've arranged them.

Charli zei

love the pics! great shot!

Ruth zei

your pictures look terrific!

Anne zei

Absolutely beautiful! I love that shade of pink and your photo's look really striking in their black frames against it!!

MaaikeV zei

altijd gezellig zo'n wand!

Joy zei

Lovely shot! They look wonderful!

Chris zei

Very nice they are too. Love how you display them :)

Hazel zei

Lovely selection of pictures.

Louise zei

I love the beach photo on the left of the shot. The black frames look great against the paint colour:)

Pam zei

Nice arrangement of pictures. I would love to do that some day with my favs. Now you've given me the inspiration to do it soon.

Angela zei

So pretty! Great photo of great photos!