dinsdag 4 september 2007


To grasp, carry or support with your hands. Find 'hold' in your space.

Both pictures are a bit of a cheat. They weren't taken today (it's 8.00 AM now) but a few weeks ago. The first photo shows (the hands of) my youngest. He's holding a tray with blackberries, picked in the garden.

This picture shows the soccerteam of my youngest. They won their first tournament this season and are holding the cup together.

11 opmerkingen:

Bobs zei

Mmmm, those berries look delicious and the children look so happy and excited! Two super pics!

etteY zei

wow you have berries in your garden?!cool! I envy you because we only have bottled/preserved berries here, and my favorite is the blueberries on top of cheesecakes and muffins yummy! LOL

Rachael zei

Mmm those blackberries look delish! Both pictures are perfect for todays prompt. x

Hazel zei

Both great pictures, but the second one is special holding that cup for victory!

WendyB zei

Both great shots, the blackberries look delicious.

Terrie Farrell zei

Lovely contrast of pictures. My kids went out to get blackberries the other week and came back with four bowls! Don't know what they expected me to do with them all LOL. Well done. X

SuzyB zei

Ooh berries love very appetising and what a great shot with a trophy, perfect for hold!

Louise zei

I love the first shot... the blackberries look yum:)

Diana zei

Lovely berries! Great shots!

Karen zei

Great photos, both! The soccer one brings back fond memories.

Pam zei

I'm only just getting caught up on your photos. the berries look yummy. And what a good photo of the soccer team. And congrats on the trophy.