dinsdag 11 september 2007


A show of affection by means of mouth to mouth contact. Go on, give us a kiss!

Husband and kids left for school and work, so I'm on my own. I found a photo with my oldest, right out of bed still in his PJ's, kissing the cat.......

10 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

Aw and that cat looks like he/she is enjoying it! Lovely shot and what a handsome young boy.

Bobs zei

That's a lovely shot! Don't know who is enjoying it more - the cat or your son! :)

etteY zei

lovely shot! and what a cute boy and kitty!

Linda zei

Gorgeous photo! Both look so relaxed!

bonnette zei

So ... sweet!

Caz zei

Ahhhh so cute..love cat kisses.

Rebecca zei

That's cute.
My boy kisses the cat too but he tends to do it with his mouth wide open. Yuck! I have a 2yo with furballs.

Hazel zei

Awwww - beautiful cat - beautiful photo!

Rach zei

Fab picture, awwww so cute

Chris zei

Great photo and what a handsome boy he is.
Just caught up with your other pics and I was drooling when I saw those cakes..lol