maandag 3 september 2007


To move downwards rapidly. Show us 'fall' in your space today.

In my opinion "Fall" is also a season of the year, so therefore I choose this picture......

but to stay in line with the others I have this picture taken a week ago......

16 opmerkingen:

Katie zei

i like your spider web picture, it's disgusting... but i like it anyway!

sharon zei

beautifully taken but...eewwwww at the spider...I would run a mile it's HUGE!!

Anne zei

Brilliant pictures!! Love the trees, and the spider one is fabulous!

Bobs zei

Arrrgh - a spider! Lol It's a fab shot though!

Angela zei

Great web, and the tree picture is beautiful :-)

cass zei

stunning photo of that spider so clever

MaaikeV zei

wat een joekel brr

Chris zei

Fabulous photographs but that spider proper made me ((shudder)) lol :)

Karen zei

Great photo of the spider, but I am another one who finds them disgusting. My take was on the season, too.

mil lunares zei

wow, that shot with the trees is so cool. Like the view up to the sky

Hazel zei

Both super pictures.

Terrie zei

Well done. X

Olivia zei

Your photos are all so great! I love the little boat one!

Angela zei

Ew, yucky! Great shot though. Fall definitely makes me think of Halloween, and therefore, spiders! Nice captures. :)

Charli zei

Fab pics Jolanda, Im petrified of spiders, but the photo is excellent. Love the boat pic and your S.P. is great!

Pam zei

that's quite a beautiful web and garden spider. the trees are lovely with the blue sky.