maandag 3 september 2007


Absorbed in or involving thought. Show us 'thoughtful' in your space today.

A picture of my youngest during fishing. He must be thinking of all the fish he's going to catch......

17 opmerkingen:

Katie zei

lovely shot! i love how the water looks in this.

Bobs zei

Gorgeous shot! I love it!

etteY zei

great pics Jol! And I love the spider from yesterdays post as well :D

p.s. i've been trying to post a comment since this morning (my time) but i keep getting 'the page cannot be displayed' error! grrrr! LOL! *still trying*

etteY zei

sucess!! LOL :p

Diana zei

Water loks so great. Lovely shot Jolanda.
love Di

Angela zei

Perfect! A gorgeous photo :-)

Rachael zei

The water looks fantastic. x

Hazel zei

What a peaceful spot - love the photo

Ruth zei

I love this shot. Proves that you don't have to have a frontal view of someones face to have a great photo.

SuzyB zei

Brilliant!! Such a great photo for the prompt!

Terrie zei

Lovely photo, well done. X

Sam Morris zei

Really great photo!

sharon zei

lovely shot.

Joy zei

I love back shots! :D This one is lovely!

WendyB zei

Great shot

Karen zei

Great photo. I love the way you captured the water in this one.

Pam zei

gorgeous. I love the light on the water, and his spikey hair style