donderdag 13 september 2007


Eager to know or learn. Find 'curious' in your space today.

Aren't you curious to find out what's in the presents??

21 opmerkingen:

Hazel zei

Oh yes, I'd love to know! (perhaps I'm more nosey than curious!)

Ruth zei

well a matter of fact, I am!!! LOL

Linda zei

hehehe, very clever!

etteY zei

I AM! LOL! I love presents!

Diana zei

LOL! grear take on the prompt!

Bobs zei

Oooooh yes!! I love presents!
Great take on the prompt!

Rach zei

oooooh clever!

Charli zei

Me too me too, fess up, what is in the presents??!! Well done Jolanda, great colours x

Shannon zei

nice use of the prompt

~*Gems*~ zei

Ooh don't you just love presents? :o) Great photo xx

Rebecca zei

hehehe yes!
Are you going to open them and photograph each for us?

Terry zei

Great take on todays word, and all those colours, its a wonderful photp.

Sue Nicholson zei

Oh Yes!!! I love surpises :)

Fab take on today's prompt :)

MaaikeV zei


Rachael zei

Great take on curious. I thought of this when I first saw the word but Matt had already destroyed his nicely wrapped presents by that time. x

Pam zei

I'd love to be able to unwrap them.

Nat zei

Yes yes yes!! Who is the lucky recipient?!! Great idea xxx

Chris zei

oooh yes I love presents!! What a fab idea... I struggled with this one wish I had thought of something as clever :)

Anne zei

OOOOOHHH!!! Yes Please!!!! How exciting!

SuzyB zei

Very curious!! Great take on the prompt x

SuzyB zei

Very curious!! Great take on the prompt x