donderdag 1 mei 2008


Eyewear for those why are Myopic, Hyperopic, Photophobic and for those who are plain old shopperholic! Which one are you?

No glasses needed by me (yet), only sunglasses and boy, we have loads of them. It seems like we can never find one if needed......

My youngest son and husband are wearing spectacles though...... In the pictures the ones my son uses.

7 opmerkingen:

Hazel zei

Great shot!

Rach zei

Fab shot x

Igotmebabe zei

Lovely shot

maz zei

You're so lucky you don't need them Jolanda! I wear contact lenses cos I look really bad in glasses!

Shannon zei

I like the square frames. Great shot!

SuzyB zei

Nicely taken. Wish I didnt need glasses!

Rach zei

Cool shot - another one here that doesn't need them yet. x