dinsdag 27 mei 2008


Not the Margarine but one of the Fairy Godmothers to Sleeping Beauty who fell asleep for 100 years, show us Flora in your space.

Our lilac-tree..............

9 opmerkingen:

etteY zei

beautiful tree!

etteY zei

beautiful tree!

JanMary zei

Love the lilac. Great shot.

Rach zei

Gorgeous tree. x

Louise zei

We share a lilac with next door, it smells wonderful

Bambi zei

nice (^_^)

Igotmebabe zei

I love the sweet smell of the lilac tree

jeanie oliver zei

HI there,
great perspective on the lilac. Ours in the US are not such a luscious grape color. they tend to be lighter in hue

maz zei

Gorgeous dark colour:)