woensdag 14 mei 2008

Catching up....

Due to a short holiday in The Netherlands, I have to do a lot of catching up.....
SO, here we go!


My oldest son has troubles with growing. He's overgrowing us and we want to know how tall he's going to be. To find that out, they made x-rays from his handbones.
Eventually he will be as tall as 200 cm.......

A competition to see who is the fastest. Find a race in your space today.

A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose especially something mechanical or electrical. Show us a device in your space today.

My youngest son received his new cellphone yesterday and boy, is he happy!!!

A mark or stroked shape - long in proportion to it's breadth. Find your lines.

Have in your mind an awareness of something or someone you have seen, known or experienced. Show 'remember' in your space today.

The first picture shows my youngest and a friend. They are signing a picture. made from their soccerteam, when they became champions in their competition.
Just a few weeks after becoming champion, one of their trainers (and a friend of his) died in a car accident, both only 23 years of age.....
In their rememberance there was a memorialmatch. Before the match begun the parents of the boys get their soccershirt, signed by the teamplayers, as a token of appriciaton. Very impressive.....

A rounded vault forming the roof of a structure or building. Find a dome in your space today.

A flat shape with four sides of equal length. Find a square in your space today!
Old tiles, now used as thingy's to protect the tabletop.......

5 opmerkingen:

Bobs zei

I love all of your catch-up photographs - especially the x-ray. It's amazing what is under our own skin!

Bambi zei

great catch-ups and a sad remember

Igotmebabe zei

Great catch ups, love your Doc

Rach zei

Great catch up with some fantastic pictures. x

Aubrey Harns zei

Doc: Cool shot - wow! 200 cm that's tall!
Race: Terrific shot - I love all the vibrant colors.
Device: I bet he is happy - cool phone. I like the lighting in this pic.
Lines: FANTASTIC shot. The lines work especially well with the pattern of the clouds behind.
Remember: Great pictures for a sad story. Nice rememberance of their coach though.
Dome: Both great shots - the one building is so large and the other definitely stands out amongst the trees.
Square: Super idea to use the tiles (really neat tiles too!).