maandag 4 februari 2008


This week HSMS is hijacked.........
This week the hijackers are calling on the Seven Deadly Sins also known as the Cardinal Sins. A tricky set of words that we hope will challenge both your mind and photographic skills; especially our first word....

Lust or lechery - usually thought of as involving obsessive or excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature - show us Lust in your space.
After all the bodyparts I've seen so far, my interpretation of lust.......

16 opmerkingen:

SuzyB zei

Ahh another great thing to lust over, brillantly shot x

sharon zei

mmhh yummy lust shot, trying to keep off it at the moment.x

etteY zei

ha!! clever Jolanda!!

anita zei

that's my kind of lust too!

Bobs zei

Mmmmmmmmmmm - chocolate. *swoon* :)

Louise zei

great take on the prompt Jolanda

Suzie zei

Noooooo don't tempt me!!! Great take!

mil lunares zei

wow, Jolanda, exellent shot! I couldnt resist either

Caz zei

Yep...definately lusting after some...right now infact....fab interpretation.

Bambi zei

oh yeah ... my mouth is watering right now

Maz zei

Phew no bums on your space thank goodness. This is a lust I can identify with !

Di zei

Now that's what I lust after.. hmm chocolate. Cool photo! x

Sue Nicholson zei

Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!!!!!

I so get this :-)

Brilliant take on the prompt :-)


Rachael zei

Mmmmm that looks so smooth & tasty. x

Rosie (Freycob) zei

I could do chocolate as gluttony as well as lust!

Angela zei

lol, nice job!