vrijdag 1 februari 2008


A linear material often made from twisted cotton or hemp. Find 'string ' in your space today.

When I told my son the word for today was string, he started laughing. His little dirty mind tought of that kind of underwear.... you know what I mean.

When I told him shoestrings were okay too, he immediately took out his new shoes and made a picture of the strings.

The second picture is a cheat, made during our vacation in Volendam. One of the favorite things to do was flying kite.

6 opmerkingen:

JanMary zei

Great pic, and what clean shoes - VERY new obviously!

Suzie zei

Great photos!


Great shots,LOL at your son .

Marina zei

Two great pictures. Marina :~)

Maz zei

Great pics and LOVED your organise yesterday, so colourful

Sarah zei

Great shots :-) I thought of string pants too - don't have any though!