dinsdag 24 juni 2008

Ripe and Fringe

Developed to the point of readiness. Show us 'ripe' in your space today.

An ornamental edge or a natural border to hair. Find a fringe in your space today.

7 opmerkingen:

etteY zei

strawberries? yum!! nice fringe too!

Chris T zei

Wish our strawbwrries were as ripe as yours - still very yellow

Bobs zei

Mmmmm strawberries! I love them with cream. :)

Lovely fringe too. I love the hair colour.

Zoe zei

Lots of strawberries about today - lovely x

Igotmebabe zei

Lovely strawberries,mine not ripe yet :)

JanMary zei

I want some strawberries NOW! Great fringe shot too.

pokettiger zei

Ooooh lovely little ripe berries! Great fringe too.