dinsdag 15 april 2008


To carry out an inquiry, discover or examine. Show us investigate in your space today.

My guys, investigating if it is possible to lit a newspaper by using a magnifying-glas and the sun......

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Rach zei

Isn't it amazing how long boys can be entertained for with just the sun and a maginfying glass. Great picture. x

Hazel zei

Great idea - and I remember doing just that

Bambi zei


xjennsx zei

Did they manage it?? I never could :(
Great Pic x x


Great photo , I remember doing that too =0)

pokettiger zei

Very clever idea for this one.

Sue Nicholson zei

Gosh, I remeber this too :-)

The boys I was with also wondered if it would burn their skin . . . kids are mad aren't they!!!

Great interpretation :-)


Heather Watson Digital Elements zei

Kids are too funny with what can keep them occupied. Great photo.